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A short detective-style story.
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The clock is nearing striking it's twenty-second hour. Darkness. It's raining. Only the steps of unknown shadows walk these parts. Neon lights flickering. A bright flash. A loud noise. Minutes later the sounds of the sirens are blaring.

Arrived at the scene of the crime, I take a long glance at the scenery. Then, there's the victim: 20, 6-2, I would say of a medium build, ice cold. I try to puzzle out what had to have happened.

"Who could've done such a thing?" I ask myself. A truly messed up individual surely. The amount of evil in someone's heart to do something like this must be way beyond incomprehensible. I find it impossible to understand the "how" of everything. "It must've been an accident..." I try to lie to myself, knowing full well that this was too cleanly done to be anything less than planned.

But it's a whole mess. Someone must've gotten paid for this, but if they did, they more than likely got in trouble. You can't, improbable to say the least to just get away with it.

After I thoroughly investigate the area. Nothing. I look around with the hopes of finding an answer, maybe there is something that I miss. Blank.

There are a lot of emotions going through me. Fear. Pain. Anxiety. But the most overpowering sensation I feel is anger. And this anger gives birth to every and each one of the other sentiments that I currently experience.

Why did I not expect this? Why am I disappointed?

My naive self decided that I should try to put myself in the shoes of such a character. Of someone who would stoop to these lows.

And then.

A realization.

A long pause.

I saw everything unfold under my eyes. It felt sickening. My anger slowly but surely transformed into a stomach turning kind of disgust. I want to give that person a face, to make a portrait of the hatred I wholeheartedly observed with all my being. But the only thing I could see before my eyes was the shape of a broken man. It was a reflection in a window. Could it be? "How could you?" I whispered.

I felt like it was my fault. I felt like I was the main culprit.

My world crumbled. Deep inside I knew it wasn't me. But... my mind...

My heart was shattered to the smallest, the most insignificant of pieces.

I took a step back. I was concentrated on the dance of the raindrops that I could very clearly hear. My life was the ball at which they danced. Everyone, colors on a canvas. Me, a lonely painter. But the dance, the colors were getting louder and brighter. Everyone was focused on me. It was insanity in it's purest form.

After one deep breath I gathered myself. I gathered all the evidence I could. I put it all together. It never clicked. Something was missing.

It was already getting late, after a hard long day I just needed to unwind. I was starting to lose grip with myself. So I decided to call it a day.

"I should've just got take-out man... I just can't figure out this new microwave oven I bought today. That lasagna would've surely hit the spot. Ow well, better late than never, just gotta make an order for delivery... come on, 30 minutes?! Are you kidding me? I'm hungry."

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